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Open House & Dedication

Please join us from 1:00 to 4:00 on Sunday, November 17th for an open house at 228 Dickinson Ave. in Waynesboro. Come out and see the new home. Then stay for the home dedication ceremony at 4:00 PM. If you would like to learn more, please contact our office at 717-267-1899. Please RSVP on the form below.

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We need you now more than ever. We currently need a little more than $15,000 to fully fund this project. Please pray that the resources needed will be available when they are needed. Thank you for your faithful prayers!

What is a Faith Build?

Following the Biblical model, this program is a partnership formed between Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County, Thrivent Financial who will match up to half the cost to build one home, and the churches of   Franklin County to demonstrate the love of Jesus as we act as “His hands and feet” and build a home for a local family in need.

Building is in our blood. We build houses, communities and partnerships too. One of the great partnerships Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County has built over the years is with Thrivent Financial. Their motto is, “Connecting faith & finances for good.” They work hard to help people live generously, and they practice what they preach. Thrivent has committed more than $100,000 to building homes in Franklin County. This year they have extended a challenge to the churches in our community. Thrivent has committed to matching up to half the cost to build a home for a family in need here in Franklin County.

In 2017, we had an idea. If we want to increase the number of affordable houses in Franklin County, we will need to get more people involved. As a Christian organization we first thought of local churches. What if every church in the county came together and provided a little help, a little money, and a LOT of prayer. The idea became a house that people could see and say THAT IS THE HOUSE THAT JESUS BUILT! It wasn’t much more than a month after the idea that a representative from Thrivent Financial came into the local Habitat office and shared about a program called Faith Build.

The Thrivent Faith Build was simple, they provided up to half the funds to build a home and we had to get local churches to match the funds to pay for the rest. The Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County and Thrivent Financial Faith Build was born, and in 2018, together we built a home for a local family! The program was a wild success, engaging more than 20 local churches each giving time, talent, financial support or prayer as they were able.

This year we are hoping to engage all of those churches again and more as we build a new home in Waynesboro. Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live can be achieved only when the entire community comes together. Faith Build is an amazing way for local churches to demonstrate that kind of unity and the love of Jesus Christ at the same time in a real, practical, and concrete way. We hope you will join us.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Share God’s love while helping people grow in their faith.

  • Get your members involved in a tangible ministry where they’ll experience first hand the fruits of their labor while working as a team.

  • Participate in an entire ministry project—start to finish!

  • Provide a local mission opportunity for those who can’t otherwise afford the time.

  • Serve Christ in your community.

  • Bring fellow believers in our local faith community TOGETHER with a purpose.

How Does My Church Get Involved?

It’s easy, Just give us a call and ask for information about the 2019 Faith Build. You can reach us at 717-267-1899 option 2.

  • Appoint a contact person

  • Identify a champion or champions to coordinate your volunteers and fundraising efforts

  • Provide volunteers on selected work days

  • Raise finances with assistance from Habitat

  • Promote Building on Faith within your church

  • Raise up a Prayer Support Team for the project

The Partner Family…

The Knepper Family of Waynesboro, PA

The Knepper Family of Waynesboro, PA

The Knepper family of Waynesboro, PA. Let’s be honest, when we first set out on a “Faith Build” it was (in part) a means of raising more funds by getting faith partners involved. But what happened is our faith was stretched and grown. This year we stepped out in faith to start this project without having a partner family identified. In fact, the house was sided and under roof and we still did not know who the partner family was going to be. This is WAY out of our comfort zone. We proceeded in faith knowing that God knew the family even if we didn’t. Well, now we know it is the Knepper family, and they are well on their way to fulfilling their Sweat Equity work requirements. As we have more to share about the family, you will find it here.

Faith Build Resources

Resources for engaged churches:

Projected 2019 Faith Build Time Line

Kickoff Event—March 1st—6:00 PM

Dinner at Parlor House (724 S. Potomac Street, Waynesboro, PA). We invite everyone to join us to learn next steps, a review of the plan, and pray. Come out and get all your questions answered. We are inviting up to three people from each church to join us at this informational meeting. Please RSVP here.

Project Consecration—April 6th—4:00 PM

Everyone is invited to this special event where we meet at the property on Dickinson Ave for a ground breaking and consecration ceremony. Join us for this exciting, emotional, and powerful event as we embark on this amazing journey.

Build Opportunities—March 19—October 31

The entire project will be broken down into manageable tasks. Your church will sign up for a build day. We anticipate that your group will be able to accomplish all the tasks in one day, but we are leaving two weeks for you to make sure it gets done, and to account for any weather issues or other complications. You will be able to choose your time and your tasks.

Community Impact Event—May 1 through May 4—7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

This is the BIG ONE! Imagine a barn raising. All participants are encouraged to come out for this two day mega event. We will need EVERYONE’S help these days. We envision placing all walls, all trusses, and all roofing—from the ground up, this will be a day to remember!

Home Dedication Ceremony—November 17th—4:00 PM

Everyone who participated in this project in any way—prayer, volunteering, donating—is invited to join us for a very moving home dedication ceremony. Be there when the hard work of the partner families is celebrated and we provide them the key to their new home just in time for Thanksgiving and the holidays. DON’T miss this powerful event—this is an amazing time to see God’s work fulfilled and lives changed. It is no exaggeration to say you can witness a miracle.