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What is Building on Faith?

Following the Biblical model, this program is a partnership formed between Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County, Thrivent Financial who will match up to half the cost to build one home, and the churches of   Franklin County to demonstrate the love of Jesus as we act as “His hands and feet” and build a home for a local family in need.

Building is in our blood. We build houses, communities and partnerships too. One of the great partnerships Habitat for Humanity of Franklin County has built over the years is with Thrivent Financial. Their motto is, “Connecting faith & finances for good.” They work hard to help people live generously, and they practice what they preach. Thrivent has committed more than $100,000 to building homes in Franklin County. This year they have extended a challenge to the churches in our community. Thrivent has committed to matching up to half the cost to build a home for a family in need here in Franklin County.

What do a church need to do to get involved?

  • Appoint a contact person
  • Identify a champion or champions to coordinate your volunteers and fundraising efforts
  • Provide volunteers on selected work days
  • Raise about $5,000 with assistance from Habitat
  • Promote Building on Faith within your church
  • Raise up a Prayer Support Team for the project
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What are the benefits of participating?

Here are just a few…

  • Share God’s love while helping    people grow in their faith.
  • Get your members involved in a tangible ministry where they’ll experience first hand the fruits of their labor while working as a team.
  • Participate in an entire ministry project—start to finish!
  • Provide a local mission            opportunity for those who can’t otherwise afford the time.
  • Serve Christ in your community.
  • Bring fellow believers in our    local faith community TOGETHER with a purpose.